Birding Stuff

1I am a beginning birder.  One way I am trying to be a human again…


Just getting started, but here is my Birding Life List so far.

I am up to 77 species.  What I am enjoying about birding is the need to focus on the details of the bird.  You need a discerning eye and ear to identify some of these.  My ear needs a lot of work, but my eye is coming along auwa-17nicely.  I am learning what to look for and noticing the subtleties.  I started with common birds that can be found in my neighborhood, which suprised me once I really started looking.  I had no idea we had orioles around here.  I really enjoy the “figuring it out” part.

I recently discovered that when I look over my birding list, look at the picture, the time and place, and read over my notes, it brings me back to the time and place when I saw that bird.  It’s always a calming experience.  I am still searching for peace, but I’ll take some calm when I can get it.