Inspired by a Dear Friend

You know who you are, DB!!

To give the rest of you some context, this particular dear friend presented me with an opportunity.  She wanted me to see it because she loves me, aches for me, and wants so much to help me.

b0d5c937449bc0f654f277de2fef0214Even though this particular gesture is astoundingly unique, I can’t tell you how much this sort of gesture means to me. To anyone who may be close to someone coping with PTSD and/or Complex Grief, the smallest gesture is noticed and resonates.  The smallest gesture can bring a moment of peace, or at the very least a moment of comfort.

From a simple text message reading XOXO or Thinking of You, to a package on my doorstep full of prayer shawls, gifts for sweet little Elbow, or something you saw that just made you think of me, all of it amazes me.  I feel supremely fortunate for my survival 54a0879214bb67fb71ed1bb1440bd55d_tags-toolbox-tools-tool-clip-art-tools-toolbox_224-220toolbox, and again, you know who you are.  The amazing thing about my toolbox is that new pieces are added all the time, so if you are not sure if you are in my survival toolbox and would like to know, just ask.  I’ll tell you straight up.  If you want to be in my survival toolbox, but don’t know how, first of all, you might already be in it and don’t know it, and second, just ask me.  If you genuinely want to help me, I can genuinely tell you how.

So this one’s for you DB!  I know you’ll get it.  And for everyone else, just enjoy the beauty of it all.


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