Everything Hurts

large_why-won-t-god-end-my-suffering-o4zza0mjI feel angry.

I feel sad.

I feel like I can barely keep my head above water.

I feel confused.

I feel overwhelmed.

I feel like I am going crazy.  6a00d83542d51e69e201b7c783d532970b-500wi

I feel like I have enough wrath inside me that if I let it out, it would destroy the world.

I feel guilty for feeling the way that I feel.

I feel alone.

I feel anxious to make decisions, but incapable of making them.

I feel afraid.

I feel like it will never get better.

I feel like my baby girl wants me to be happy, but I don’t know how.

08SUFFERING-master1050I feel the pain of watching my husband suffer and knowing there is nothing I can do to help him.

I feel the scar that proves she was here.

I feel the emptiness she left behind.

I feel the ache of an impossible dream.




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