A Life?

breathing-sunlit-girlHow do we have a life without her?  I am not questioning my ability to breathe in and out, to interact with humans, or to function at work.   I am not asking how do we live without her.  I am alive.  My husband is alive.  One of my twin daughters is alive.  We function.  We live.  But how do the three of us have a life without Bug?
I got up this morning and got ready for work.  I put261d3efeb2c50b704837319cd115d399_tennis-shoe-sole-clipart-animated-clipart-walking-feet_280-267 on my “human” costume and did what everyone says you have to do.  I kept breathing.  I put one foot in front of the other.  I do this every day and every day it is hard.  I spend the day getting through the day.  Then when I wake up the next morning, I just have to do it all over again.  And it doesn’t get easier.  So I ask again, How do we have a life without her?

All anyone can say is you just have to.

All I can say is thanks for nothing.

0a6b9140a6b91 -Saatchi Online Artist - Helena Wierzbicki - Acrylic, 2013 -Tormented-


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