I’m a fool for my girls.

sillyIf I had trouble being silly, I think parenthood would be very difficult for me.  True, I have only been a mother for 4 months, but in that short time I have found that often times nothing but silly Mama will make my girls happy.  When the girls start to fuss, we go through the usual things.  Are they hungry?  Are they tired?  Do they need a new diaper?  When the answer is no to all of that, sometimes the answer is silly.  They want silly.  They want to hear Mama tell amazing stories.  They want to see Mama bust out her dance moves.  They want to hear Mama sing her heart out.  And I give them what they want.

As I mentioned, I am a new mom.  I am not suggesting that I am the best at silly or that I have figured out some new way of calming a fussy baby.  I am simply taking a moment to reflect on the joy I get from the silliness.  Some of my favorite moments so far as a mother have been these times of silly.  For instance, whilst holding both my girls, rocking in a rocking chair I told them the entire saga of Star Wars, episodes 4 through 6 (the good ones).  This took several sittings, or rockings, but I had a captive audience each time.  And they loved it, especially when I added funny voices and sound effects.  Another moment I will never forget is singing the entire score of The Sound of Music to them while dancing around.  They were particularly fond of the Do-Re-Mi sequence.  And even though I don’t know all the words to every song, come on, they are four months old.  They can’t tell.

If you are a new parent, I recommend that you not only enjoy these moments, but seek them out.  Get creative and enjoy all the silly.  If you are an old parent, remember those silly moments and tell your kids about them.    There is endless joy in silly.




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