These are a few of my favorite things.

Collage 2016-01-12 09_51_08When I was pregnant, I read article after article about what stuff I needed, what are the essentials, what would I need to buy in order to do the job right.  I felt overwhelmed by these articles.  They often had some items in common, but the list was so so long.  Even if I could buy it all, I wouldn’t have room.  I felt overwhelmed.  I decided to get some basics and then just see how it goes.

Now that my girls are here, there are few things that I am absolutely glad that I have in the house.  These items make my girls smile, calm them down, help them sleep, or in some other way make life with twins a little easier.  This list is in no particular order.

Ceiling-Fan-ClearanceA ceiling fan

Believe it or not, more than anything else, the ceiling fan calms them down and makes them happy.  Since they were able to open their eyes they have loved it.

monkey chairBouncy chairs

We have two different kinds.  First we have what we call “the monkey chairs” which are the type that bounce from the baby’s movements and have a vibrate setting.  These are pretty much parked permanently under the ceiling fan.  We also have a set we call “the cars” which mimic the movements of a car.  Both of these chairs serve the purpose of a second set of hands and the possibility of soothing one baby while I am busy with the other.  I could not live without them.  I know it seems excessive to have four bouncy chairs in my house, but it works.

pacifierThe pacifiers from the NICU.

My girls were born 7 weeks early.  When the girls were discharged, the nurses gave us a bunch of goodies.  They asked us what we wanted, we had no idea, so they just gave us a lot of stuff.  We ended up with about 4 of the pacifiers you can only get in the hospital.  One of my girls loves them and nothing else will do.  So glad we got those extras.  If the nurses offer, take whatever you can!!


I don’t think it matters what brand, but these are amazing  I am really good at swaddling, but these things hold my girls tight and keep them swaddled and calm for hours.  The ones we have use Velcro to hold the swaddle together.  It really comforts them and helps them sleep.

dr-browns-baby-formula-pitcher-mixer-2Formula mixing pitcher

A life and sanity saver!!!  This allows you to mix a lot of formula at once, which is amazingly helpful when prepping bottles for twins.  I love this thing!!!!


And yes, I mean plural.  We have two, but I almost would want four.  They are so helpful and convenient for feeding and so many other things I wouldn’t have thought of.  Get them.

rocking chair                Rocking Chair

An oldie, but goodie for a reason.  Sometimes nothing else works.  I have a glider, but I don’t think my girls have a preference.  It’s the motion they like.

I have other stuff but these are items my life with twins just can’t do without.




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